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Plastická chirurgie Brno - MUDr. Zuzana Vykutilová

Our private office corrective and aesthetic dermatology focuses on improving and correcting your smaller or larger external weaknesses. In our office we special...

Křižíkova 68, Brno

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Colostrum Info

Kuklenská 17, Brno

Vetim - hobbypetshop

Višňová 2, Brno

Poradna pro výživu a zdraví

Lidická 75, Brno

BENU lékárna

Jugoslávská 768/9, Brno

FABAS s.r.o.

Offer vitamins, minerals, infant formula, cosmetics Vichy, Avene and Bioderma, a wide range of products on the joints, potency, prostate, incontinence and Climacterium. Advice on weight loss and diet products for cellulite or hair loss.

Oblá 518/75a, Brno (Nový Lískovec)

Antonín Vrána

Novoměstská 5, Brno


We are providing technical events. We offer a large LED display, photovoltaic, solar panels etc.

bratří Čapků 385/16, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

Lékárna Nova

We offer a complete pharmaceutical services including the sale of homeopathy, medical shoes, baby food and medicines for animals. We also offer a wide range of cosmetics and blood pressure and heart rate.

Botanická 61/67, Brno (Královo Pole-Ponava)


Dental practice offering comprehensive care, including aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants and dental hygiene.

Bartošova 1833/6, Brno (Brno-střed-Černá Pole)

TM Technik, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of camera and optical measuring systems.

Dornych 54/47, Brno (Brno-jih-Trnitá)

Kardio - Line, spol. s r.o.

We are engaged in distribution technologies, equipment and supplies for the health of all brands. Especially for cardiac patients.

Antonínská 552/5, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

ML Chemica, zdravotní potřeby

Offer microscopes, medical equipment and school supplies.

Zahradní 400/1, Troubsko

Oční studio Aleš Žejdl, s.r.o.

Operation opticians.

Nádražní 654/10, Brno (Brno-Město)

APIA - oční optika

Operation opticians.

Masarykova 405/18, Brno (Brno-Město)

Mgr. Eva Šotáková - Lékárna Na Mendlově náměstí

Sell drugs, cosmetics, tea, food supplements and medical shoes.

Mendlovo náměstí 24/14, Brno (Staré Brno)

SPIRIT MEDICAL, spol. s r.o.

Delivery and service of highly specialized products for microsurgery medical fields, particularly ophthalmology. Includes a wide assortment of diagnostic tools ...

Sadařská 495/1, Brno (Komín)

MERCI, s.r.o.

Manufactures laboratory furniture, laboratory designing interiors.

Hviezdoslavova 1192/55, Brno (Slatina)

MUDr. Jaromír Hejl, CSc., internista, akupunktura, homeopatie

Offer of web presentations and e-shops, making virtual 3D tours.

Durďákova 216/13, Brno (Brno-sever-Černá Pole)

Dr. Max Lékárna

A comprehensive selection of OTC drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics, children's goods and other products for pharmaceuticals range, which can be ordered from the comfort of your home or office.

Palackého třída 105, Brno (Královo Pole)

Stone and a web shop offering products for health care. Sell digital scales with tukoměrem, sauna suits, massage chairs, alcohol testers, and skin care products.

Palackého třída 1004/150, Brno (Královo Pole)

Aurea medica, s.r.o.

We are selling health products - MO, VO, professional advice. We offer bubble bath, biolamps, massage oils, herbal oils, ortho bandages, magnet, acupressure, massage chairs, breast care products, myostimulátory, barometers, termovaky.

Šimáčkova 249/35, Brno (Líšeň)

Stone and a web shop offering products for health care. Sell digital scales with tukoměrem, sauna suits, massage chairs, alcohol testers, and skin care products.

Palackého třída 1004/150, Brno (Královo Pole)

S.A.B. Impex, s.r.o.

We are engaged in the sale and distribution of consumer and specialty medical equipment, medical instruments and devices for ARO.

Kaštanová 489/34, Brno

Saegeling Medizintechnik, s.r.o.

We are selling and servicing equipment and tools in medical diagnostics.

Řipská 1153/20a, Brno

Regeco, spol. s r.o.

We sell and manufacture all orthopedic appliances, including massage tables and medical mattresses.

Dřevařská 861/18, Brno

UTILCELL, s.r.o.

We offer a wide range of multifunctional measuring jednotkek Corazon PLUS to pharmacies, body composition analyzers JAWON brand and brand Spirometry MIR, strain-gauge transducers and force evaluation unit for the manufacture of scales and weighing systems.

náměstí Viléma Mrštíka 40, Ostrovačice


We offer complete services in the field of contact lenses.

Orlí 490/14, Brno

SNÍŽEK Ortoprotetika

We are manufacture of orthoses, anatomical neck brace, corsets, trusses and pregnancy belts, medical devices and orthopedic and prosthetic potřeb.Poskytujeme and services online.

Obřanská 940/60, Brno

Med - Lab trade, s.r.o.

The main focus is the development and manufacture of disposable transport sampling kits for microbiology, sales of medical devices, laboratory and animal products from plastics.

Mariánské náměstí 617/1, Brno (Brno-jih-Komárov)

MTE, spol. s r.o.

Patients with diabetes mellitus (diabetes) supply glucometers and test strips LifeScan One Touch, an insulin pump DANA DIABECARE, inzul. pens, needles and syringes for diabetics DIACOMFORT socks, diabetic shoes Bata MEDI.

Hybešova 289/43, Brno-Staré Brno

Lumioptic, s.r.o.

Operation opticians.

Veveří 456/9, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

Lékárna Kuřim, s.r.o.

Prescription drugs to publish and cash. Internet pharmacy. Online sale of drugs, medical supplies and footwear, food supplements. We also offer children's cosmetics and nutrition, homeopathics, teas, vitamins. Spectacles and sunglasses. Veterinary preparations.

Tišnovská 35, Kuřim


We offer full services of opticians including eye examination at your PC for free.

Hlavní 1054/131, Brno

Ivičičová, s.r.o.

Orthopedic shoes and orthopedic inserts - we manufacture and repair of orthopedic shoes. Produce individual and special orthopedic inserts custom system DigiMed. We provide treatment standard shoes. We are a distributor of children's shoes and jō company Ergon.

Gebauerova 580/5, Brno-Židenice

JP Optik

Ophthalmic optics. We offer services in the field of ophthalmic optics, optometry. Wide selection of sunglasses and optical inc. fashion brand Roberto Cavalli, Replay, Timberland, Mont Blanc, Ferrari and Miss Sixty. Sell mineral lenses (Zeiss, Essilor).

Mendlovo náměstí 17/9, Brno-Staré Brno

Promedix, s.r.o.

The official distributor Sebbin Labaratoires, Ascente and Polymekon. Our products include high-quality silicone implants - round and anatomical smooth and textured, skin expanders and permanent filler material Bio-AlcamidTM.

Hlinky 48/122, Brno-Pisárky

Oční optika Šárka Kocandová

Operation optician provides optometry, accurate centration, the selection of glasses using a computer and camera. Applications are performed by experienced optometrist contact lenses. Offers spectacles and sunglasses with polarizing filters and an individual approach when choosing eyeglasses.

Minoritská 469/1, Brno

Světluška, s.r.o.

Stores teas, herbs, spices, the Old Man Kořenáře products, cosmetics ATOK Hadek, HOPE products of the company, the original tea company Popov and Vladimir Grešíka etc. In our shop you will find more than 7000 products for health, body and spirit.

Staré náměstí 24/25, Brno (Brno-jih-Přízřenice)


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