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Plastická chirurgie Brno - MUDr. Zuzana Vykutilová

Our private office corrective and aesthetic dermatology focuses on improving and correcting your smaller or larger external weaknesses. In our office we special...

Křižíkova 68, Brno

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MUDr. Ivo Menšík - plastická chirurgie

Running the plastic surgeon's office.

Údolní 8a, Brno (Královo Pole)

MUDr. Evžen Trupar, Ph.D.

plastic and aesthetic surgery

Bulharská 29, Brno

A Kluby České republiky, o.p.s.

We are a charitable company aimed at the prevention, mitigation and treatment of harmful use or alcohol dependence, other substance abuse and gambling gambling....

Rokycanova 48, Brno

Veterinární ordiance PetraVet, MVDr. Petra Otychová

Complex veterinary health care for pets and animals

Mokrá 348, Mokrá-Horákov

Aloe Vera Gel

Kuklenská 17, Brno

AFYA 2010 s.r.o.

Štolcova 67, Brno

Stanislava Kaderová - masáže

Massage studio in a cozy atmosphere in the center of Brno. Provides the following services: Classical massage Honey Detoxication Massage Breuss massage Aroma massage Relaxing massage Indian head massage Dorn method anticellulitis wrap wraps Oil Treatment Care Ear candling

Kounicova 19, Brno

Kadeřnictví Veronika

Ulička 201, Sokolnice u Brna


Palackého třída 124, Brno

Ing. Nicola Šimonová

Legionářská 816, Kuřim

Colostrum Info

Kuklenská 17, Brno

Lucie Dokoupilová, DiS.

Přízova 282/14, Brno

kompliment Institut redukce a prevence nadváhy

Healthy and effective weight loss and shaping characters, free initial consultation. Slimming programs based on nutritional counseling, personal guidance, education and client-friendly practice. No diet, but a permanent change in eating habits. Therapy is individually supervised by an expert. Lose weight 98% of clients.

Havlíčkova 67, Brno

Psycholog Brno - Mgr. Lenka Peterková

Jakubské náměstí 1, Brno

R+RC, s.r.o.

Rehabilitation services paid by health insurance as a direct payment. Massage, exercise, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. Sales of small rehabilitation aids.

Josefská 25/27, Brno

Vetim - hobbypetshop

Višňová 2, Brno

AAA-oční, s.r.o.

Eye care clinic.

Komenského 144, Újezd u Brna (Vinohrady-Židenice)

Mgr. Pavel Nepustil, Ph.D.

Údolní 5, Brno

Masáže Brno - Karel Stöger

Massage Brno The Relax Experience Come to Relax and discover all kinds of ways to feel sensational. Whether it’s, a Deeply Relaxing Body Massage, a releasing Thai Massage, a quick, energising Chair Massag, or warming Magic Hot Stones Massage. I will leave you feeling really special, from top to toe.

Lidická 75, Brno

Psychological counseling Brno - Břetislav Passinger

Psychological counseling provided in following areas: Relationship issues – family, marriage, partnership, friendship, working relationships… Life orientati...

Tábor 2, Brno

Mgr. Jana Brzkovská - psycholog,psychoterapeut

I offer individual therapy, couple and family counseling as well.

Brandlova 4, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

Chiropraktik Brno

Černopolní 5, Brno

MUDr.Lucie Kučerová

Berkova 34, Brno


Charbulova 58, Brno

IC Klinika Brno

Bulharská 1320/29, Brno

Výživová poradna ETIAM

Jakubské nám. 1, Brno

Generace Brno

Kuldova 3, Brno

Revmacentrum MUDr. Mostera, s.r.o.

Your comprehensive musculoskeletal treatment. Shock wave therapy center - the heel spur, tennis and golf elbow, Achilles tendon, abnormal healing, and bone necrosis. Biological treatment of arthritis, joint cartilage, tendons and Vazz platelets rich plasma.

Mošnova 2476/8, Brno-Židenice

Poradna pro výživu a zdraví

Lidická 75, Brno

Modec klinika s.r.o.

Viniční 4049/235, Brno

BENU lékárna

Jugoslávská 768/9, Brno


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