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Cihelna centrum

Entertainment Center offers 8 professional bowling lanes, billiards, table soccer, šprtec, darts, sporting events to the canvas and pleasant stay in our restaurant where you can choose from a wide range of meals and drinks.

Cimburkova 593/4, Brno (Královo Pole-Ponava)

Restaurace ELDORÁDO

Restaurants in Brno-Líšeň offers meals prepared over an open fire, barbecue selátek, stylish indoor and outdoor furniture, sports, children's attractions and mini zoo.

Mariánské údolí 2590/1a, Brno (Líšeň)


Na Lukách 7, Brno

Indická a Nepálská restaurace Buddha Brno

Náměstí 28. října 16, Brno-Černá Pole

Restaurace M+M

Tumaňanova 6, Brno-Mokrá Hora


Restaurant overlooking the riding school and hunting lounge. A rich menu of specialties and game dishes. The possibility of organizing training courses, celebrations, guest house accommodation. There are sports facilities: golf simulator, bowling, laser shooting gallery, tennis.

Písníky 409/18, Brno (Tuřany-Holásky)

Restaurace U hada

Benešova 22, Brno

Restaurace Stadion

Tolarova 764/1, Ořechov

Club 68

Restaurant with guest house and disco. As part of the garden and 2 private lounges with billiards, where you can host weddings, banquets, graduation parties and family celebrations. Accommodation with a capacity of 48 beds in 14 luxury rooms.

Olomoucká 257/8, Brno (Černovice)

Restaurace Chaloupka

In our stylish restaurant you can taste the food, which certainly will not find elsewhere. We emphasize the quality and freshness of the food, we also offer foo...

Žilkova 369/21, Brno (Řečkovice a Mokrá Hora)

Restaurace Hvězda

Restaurant near the river and Svratka Brno Zoo. We provide balls, banquets, corporate parties, weddings, celebrations, training. There is a hall with a capacity...

U zoologické zahrady 220/3, Brno (Bystrc)

Highlander, s.r.o.

Restaurant in an authentic Scottish forge with 70 seats. We offer steaks of all kinds and flavors, grilled meat and whiskey expert for a large spill 10 kinds of luxury single malt Scotch whiskey ages 10 to 18 years.

náměstí Svobody 93/22, Brno (Brno-Město)

Restaurace PASTOUŠKA

Home-style restaurant. Restaurant capacity 60 places, saloon for 10 people, a training room for 40 persons and 20 persons for the club. Offer a daily menu with a choice of 6 meals, healthy food menu. Non-smoking room, air-conditioned restaurant spaces.

Jílkova 3291/219, Brno (Židenice)

Penzion a hospůdka na Veselce

Restaurant with excellent Czech cuisine and the wing with a parking court. Accommodation capacity is 23 beds with 3 beds in my two-and three-bed rooms. Guesthouse situated on the outskirts of Brno west direction. Has an excellent location for visitors and BVV Grand Prix.

Jihlavská 112/46, Troubsko (Troubsko-Veselka)

Restaurace Za kapličkou

Operation of the restaurant.

Burianovo náměstí 1648/5, Brno


We offer a wide assortment of pizzas and pleasant luxury environment. Our stylish restaurant offers international dishes hot and cold dishes. At the table you serve pleasant service. Parking in front of the pizzeria. We arrange corporate events.

Vídeňská 223/1, Brno (Brno-střed-Štýřice)

Restaurant & Pizzeria La Strada

Offer catering services.

Kounicova 291/53, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

Fors, spol. s r.o.

Operation of the restaurant.

Česká 151/16, Brno (Brno-Město)

Hospůdka v podhradí

Operate a restaurant.

Údolní 223/7, Brno (Brno-Město)

Charlieś - restaurace Zahrádka

Offer hot meals, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Kobližná 63/12, Brno (Brno-Město)

Grand Restaurant

Operation of a restaurant offering traditional Czech cuisine and specialties of Italian cuisine.

Kounicova 57/83, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Boris Matuška

Operation of a restaurant offering hot and cold meals and alcoholic and soft drinks.

Hybešova 64/31, Brno (Staré Brno)

Café restaurant Ludwig

Restaurant with 70 seats and a lounge with a capacity of 30 seats. Range of hot and cold dishes of Czech cuisine.

Koliště 1907/3, Brno (Brno-střed-Černá Pole)

Restaurace Comodo

Operation of the restaurant. Offer hot meals, alcoholic and soft drinks.

Hrnčířská 885/5, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

Hospůdka Diana

A restaurant with 80 seats and a lounge for 50 guests. We offer daily menu, timer and game dishes.

Kounicova 292/59, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

Restaurace Jan Matoušek

Operation of the restaurant.

Kotlářská 661/18, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

Restaurace Jantar

Restaurant and bar offers international cuisine.

Veselá 173/2, Brno (Brno-Město)

Ristorante Rialto

Operation of the restaurant.

Veveří 2216/125, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Restaurace U Primů

Operation of the restaurant.

Minská 898/20, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Restaurace Rubín

Operation of the restaurant.

Makovského náměstí 2574/1, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Restaurace Na Kovárně

Operation of the restaurant.

Minská 79/113, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Restaurace Korzár

Operation of the restaurant.

Minská 899/26, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Pomark, spol. s r.o.

Operate a restaurant.

Makovského náměstí 3147/2, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Petr Švábenský - K Rudolfskému návrší

Operation of the restaurant.

Minská 3104/34, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Miki Club

Operation of the restaurant.

Makovského náměstí 3147/2, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Restaurace Tanganika

Operation of the restaurant. Offer hot meals and various beverages. Possibility for family or corporate celebrations

Horova 1636/35, Brno (Žabovřesky)

Restaurace Arka

Operation of the restaurant.

Veslařská 46, Brno (Jundrov)

Na Piavě

Operation of the restaurant.

Nálepkova 258/2, Brno (Jundrov)

Na Hřišti

Operation of the restaurant.

Veslařská 546/124, Brno (Jundrov)

La Palma

Operate a restaurant.

Veslařská 3071/25, Brno (Žabovřesky) - portál, kde Vaše restaurace nesmí chybět! Evidujeme Restaurace z celé ČR.


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