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Selection of furniture.

Veveří 489/61, Brno (Brno-střed-Veveří)

KORRAT, s.r.o.

Offer rattan furniture and accessories.

Palackého třída 441/91, Brno (Královo Pole)

Lino, s.r.o.

Vendor seating furniture, office furniture and rattan and teak furniture.

Václavská 226/2, Brno (Staré Brno)

LUCA CZ s.r.o.

Zeleného 3107/50, Brno

Kopecký CZ, s.r.o.

On-line sales of furniture fittings and accessories, manufacturer of locks and hinges.

Vinohradská 1114/76, Brno (Černovice)

Linea design, s.r.o.

Supply and production of furniture accessories.

Cejl 503/36, Brno (Brno-střed-Zábrdovice)

Stavotes, spol. s r.o.

We offer wholesale and retail trade in materials for furniture production. Custom manufacturing.

Palackého třída 178/48, Brno (Královo Pole)

BROSS, s.r.o.

Offer wheels on office chairs.

Pisárecká 480/11, Brno (Brno-střed-Pisárky)

NEDO Plus, s.r.o.

Sell lock fittings.

Sadová 566, Modřice

MV 61, s.r.o.

Offers furniture for the interiors of schools, kindergartens and offices. Supplying equipment for offices, nursing homes and hotels.

Dusíkova 900/3c, Brno (Brno-sever)

Tomasz Zwyrtek, nábytková dvířka

We offer distribution of the doors.

Vranovská 767/102, Brno (Brno-sever)

Ing. Petr Bílek-Bison Consult, nábytkové doplňky

Sales of furniture accessories.

třída Generála Píky 1996/3, Brno (Královo Pole-Černá Pole)

Marie Vencálková

Sales and distribution of rattan furniture for apartments, restaurants, hotels and prestige rooms.

Palackého třída 67, Brno

Himpex Brno, s.r.o.

Offer furniture accessories.

Horní 729/32, Brno (Brno-střed-Štýřice)

LINEA BRW BRNO, spol. s r.o.

Sell furniture hardware, decorative foils, aluminum frames, moldings, handles, and profiles.

Křenová 184/58, Brno

KNK Bohemia, s.r.o.

We produce and sell furniture and home accessories, pottery and tiles for building stone.

Křenová 131/35, Brno (Brno-střed-Trnitá)

RIN, spol. s r.o.

Sell furniture, lighting and accessories for the home.

Cejl 58/72, Brno (Brno-sever-Zábrdovice)

Hanák Brno

Kosmova 6, Brno

Nábytek, židle, stoly

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