On-line sales of packaging



    We offer online sales of packaging materials. You will find a wide range of standard and specialized envelopes and mail bags, wrapping films, adhesive tapes, labels, cardboard packaging, plastic packaging.

    Šámalova 1130/62, Brno (Židenice)

    Covers CD, s.r.o. - e-shop s obaly a dalšími doplňky na hudební nosiče

    We are selling packaging, binders and cases for CDs and DVDs. Offer CDs and DVDs.

    Wagnerova 1715, Tišnov

    Satin, a.s. - e-shop s dárkovímými obaly

    Online sales of gift packaging with printed or embossed marks, ribbons, bags, bags, boxes and decorating needs.

    Vídeňská 538/91, Brno-Štýřice

    Presto, spol. s r.o. - e-shop s termo taškami

    Online sales of thermal bags and boxes.

    Rotalova 211/20, Brno-Husovice

    RNDr. Jiří Sopoušek, CSc. - e-shop s obalovým sklem

    Online sales of glass containers for household and beekeepers.

    Banskobystrická 942/135, Brno-Řečkovice


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